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Trigger Point Therapy 

1 hour = $80 / 90 minutes = $110

Believe it or not, shoulder and arm pain can be triggered by the condition of muscles in the neck, hand pain by a muscle under the shoulder blade, low back pain by a hip flexor, headaches by neck and back muscles, etc.  That's why rubbing the sore spot may feel good at the moment, but only helps temporarily.  In contrast, Trigger Point Therapy maps pain to its source, and involves finding and releasing small  knots, known as trigger  points, in specific muscles not necessarily at the site of pain.  This simple treatment has been known to succeed where pills, shots and surgeries have failed.  Client feedback and client-therapist dialogue is required throughout the session.  

Detailed Swedish Massage

1 hour = $80/ 90 minutes = $110

Swedish massage is the classic full-body massage, addressing all of the major muscle groups using long, fluid strokes and other nerve-soothing techniques.  Does it feel good?  Absolutely.  But it's not just a feeling.  Studies show that massage relaxes measurably, in lowered heart rate, in lowered blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic), and on measurable psychological stress and anxiety scales.  All you have to do is show up and reap the benefits.  

Tailored Session 

30 minutes = $50 / 1 hour = $80 / 90 minutes = $110

Most people have at least one problem area, especially if they are sitting at a computer for much of the day, performing heavy lifting, repetitive motion, or if they are active in sports and fitness activities.  Together the client and practitioner can agree on where the focus should be, and tailor a session to meet your needs.  A sore shoulder, for example, might require extra time, using trigger point therapy, movement therapy, and stretching.  But the other major muscle groups can still be addressed in a general way, for balance and relaxation.  Therapist's Choice.  90 Minutes Recommended.

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