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The Practitioner

With 17 years of experience, my intention is to provide a mindful, detailed massage session that will meet your needs and help you feel better, drawing from a variety of techniques, such as Trigger Point Therapy, classic Swedish massage, Reiki, and more.  

Headaches, shoulder problems, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome, and other  pain issues, often improve with specific trigger point work, even for some clients who have been told there is "nothing wrong" but who are still experiencing pain.  

If you need to de-stress, a lighter, more flowing massage sooths milder muscle aches and affects general well-being -- as numerous studies have shown.  

​From day one in massage school, I was trained to respect the healing nature of healthy touch -- no matter what modality may be used.   And I still do!

Becky Aijala

Massage Therapist, since 2003

Credentials:  Therapeutic Massage Training Institute, Charlotte, NC; NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist #3729; Professional member AMTA; Nationally Certified.  Additional certifications:  Reflexology; 2nd Degree Reiki

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