Trigger Point Massage - A precise approach to pain
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Becky AijalaTrigger point therapy is my specialty.  It's precise and it's especially effective in dealing with specific pain issues, even long-standing ones. No, it's not a cure-all.  Yet small knots in the muscles (trigger points) can be at the root of a wide variety of common pain syndromes and conditions not revealed by MRI's or helped by other treatments. 
Because it involves checking for the simplest cause of pain first, trigger point therapy can help avert the unnecessary use of pills, shots, and even surgeries.
I am also a great believer in pure relaxation and other nurturing self-care, so there's full-body Swedish, Hot Stones, and Reiki to choose from as well.  All the modalities are described in my Treatment Menu.
Please enjoy the website, and contact me to make your first appointment!
Becky Aijala, Massage Therapist
North Carolina - NC LMBT #3729
Professional AMTA Member since 2003

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